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    Default Seeking Subsonic 12 Gauge Load Data

    If anyone has any 12 gauge load data for STS or Win AA HS hulls I would be grateful. Especially 3/4 or 7/8. Thanks

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    what powder, I duplicated as close to possible winchester lites....WAAlite powder under 7/8oz #8s. They where soft shooting but did not cycle my browning gold shotgun... I switched to clays and loaded the lightest charge on hodgdons website for 7/8oz #8s hardly a difference in recoil. Report was a bit loader though. Whats your goal ?

    I found the most consistant low velocity loads I loaded where with 1 1/8oz shot I could get consistantly in the mid 1050fps range.

    WAAlite became impossible to find even still when loaded on the lightest side I did not like its inconsistant report...bang bang pppppuff bang puufff.. It took away from focus on the target.

    My pet load is 7/8oz shot clays powder for 1150 fps....crushes clays targets on the 16 yard line. hodgdon online data has a lot to choose from
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    I shoot STS with red dot or promo I use this for loads
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    Thanks for the pointers, guys. My wife just got the all clear from the doctor to start shooting again after rotator cuff surgery. She shoots a 391 in 12, and it helps. But she also shoots an SKB in Cowboy Action and all the force comes straight back. So I am looking for the lightest, softest loads I can make until her shoulder is up to the pounding again.

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    Might be better to add some weight to the guns. I have a 20g that kicks like a mule. I added almost 1 lb to the gun with a deadmule recoil reducers and lead tape from the golf shop. Helped a lot.
    Also for the cowboy gun about a guage reducer maybe 20 or even 16 guage. Shoot some 3/4 oz light loads in these guages out of a heavy gun and recoil should be very light.

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    Great Ideas, Mac1911. Thank you.

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    The other day a Dick's, there were relatively inexpensive Bob Allen vests, with removable recoil attenuating shoulder pads.

    It's not just the "brute force" delivered, it's the perception, too....

    best of luck.

    I had no idea of the recoil of a 12 (though I've fired a few shells in my time) until I took a couple of shots left-handed.


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