Hi all,
I got to tell you how awesome Jojo's Gunworks in Southington Connecticut is and maybe a little bragging too. I just recently picked up my Walther S&W PPK/S from Jojo's & I'm blown away. I had a lot of custom work done to the PPK/S. It started with me wanting a couple things done to my gun. I started asking at the gun shops & ranges who was a good local gunsmith and Jojo's Gunworks' name kept coming up. One Sunday I took my gun and a list that expanded into my dream gun to Jojo's . Jojo's is a 45 minute trip from my house. At Jojo's I first met Jody. He's one of the owners and one hell of a nice guy. Jody and I spent about an hour going over the list. He told me if something I wanted was a good or bad idea and why. He also gave input on other things that would enhance the PPK/S that I hadn't thought of. After about 5 minutes of being at Jojo's it felt like I was hanging with my friends talking guns. The whole crew are real nice and very knowledgeable about guns and suppressors. The gun was very reliable buy, now This gun feeds, fires and ejects like butter.

The work done to my gun is:
- Reliably package (Deburr & polish the guts, including blend & polish feed ramp)
- Replace all springs with Wolff springs (it dropped trigger pull about 1/2 in both single & double action)
- 30lpi checkering on front strap
- 30lpi checkering on back strap
- 30lpi checkering on trigger guard
- checkering on hammer
- ribbing cut into front of slide to match rear ribbing
- beaver tail/tang cut down to original looks
- all edges soften
- re-crowned the barrel
- all factory engraving removed
- bead blasted to matt finish
- Magazine plate cut down to edge of grip & bead blasted
- milled in Novak Tritium night sight
- 007 engraved under magazine release button

Jody and the gang at Jojo's took care of all my request better than I could have though possible. Every last thing was done exactly as I wanted. Jojo's is the place to go for custom work.

One picture is worth a thousand words so, instead of me typing all sort of things telling you how great they are and praising their work, I'll just show you the completed gun.

Here's how she looked before going on vacation to Jojo's

And this is how she looks now.

Here's A few photos of the guts.

And finally here's the recoil springs. The one on the right is the new Wolff spring.

I still can't believe what awesome work Jojo's does and I can't believe I own such a beautiful piece of art.

If anyone has any questions just ask, I'll be happy to give you an answer if I can.