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    Quote Originally Posted by josei710 View Post
    What is the fastest a 250 goes

    I had a Suzuki 250 dirt bike up to 70 once on pavement. Scared the crap out of me. Those big knobby tires and I were all over the place. Off road only from there on out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shotgunwilly870 View Post
    Just get a 600 at least nobody will laugh at you,and you can go and stop faster than any scooter,and they are readily available for under $4,000.
    I'm sure people aren't laughing when someone on a bike with 1/3hp as their bike beats them on the twisties. As I said in a earlier post if you don't do a lot of highway riding you will not "outgrow" a 250 for a long time, your ego will. Even when you do out grow a 250 their is a HUGE market for used 250's and most of the time you can sell them for only a few hundred less than what you bought it for. You can't say the same for a totaled 600 If you do more highway riding a Ninja 500,650,GS500 etc. If you truly think you can outgrow a supersport 600 you should be racing MotoGP, because very few people can use anywhere close to a 600s full potential. If you get bored with the power of a 600 you would be what I like to call a highway hero. Someone that tops their bike out on the highway and says their bike doesn't have enough power yet putts along in 6th gear on the backroads. I'm glad you decide what bike you buy whether or not someone might laugh at you. Do you laugh at people that drive Corolla's,Civic's, Sentra's too, because they are small displacement cars? Good video about first bike.

    Quote Originally Posted by jobowker View Post
    For the ninja 250, it's about 85 mph in sixth gear with that little twin howling at just under 14,000 rpm. It makes an interesting growl once you get over 11,000 rpm.
    My spedo read 105 on my 09 Ninja 250, my buddy in his car alongside of me said his spedo read 102.
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    Mine was a gen 3, before the 2009 redesign. They kept that 80's look until the redesign in 09. I'll never use the full potential of my current bike, and it's an air cooled twin. I have yet to reach its top speed on the highway,and I most likely never will, because wind starts to be a problem on a naked bike once your past a certain speed. You'll know full well when you hit triple digits on a 350 lb bike with no fairing.

    The Duc 1198 on the other hand puts out 195 hp, which I can't even imagine trying to handle. The power to weight ratio is insane on some of the superbikes. It would be the equivalent of my F250 pickup truck putting out 3300 hp.
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    The 250 duel sport I started on topped at about 70-75, it was of course geared low.

    I agree with what others have said, it was a great bike to learn on. However, I wanted a more powerful bike almost right away.

    On the other hand, A new, or even 10 year old 600cc sport bike is too much bike for an absolute novice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightpoison View Post
    So I'm new to motorcycles, and I'm really looking for a low cost commuter bike. I'm looking at a Cbr250r or a ninja 250r. The cost fits my budget $4k, insurance is right on as well. Ill only be going less than 5 miles a day for work. So a 600cc bike is over kill. I will eventually but being new and budget this is where I'm at.

    Between the 2 bikes what do you suggest?

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    I'd suggest an older Suzuk SV 6XX, can't remember if it's a 6 or 650. Great little bike, if you want a windscreen, they make aftermarket ones. It would be a mid-bike between the 250 and full bore sport 600. I also suggest a used one if it's your 'first' bike. You will put it down and first scratches suck on a brand new bike.

    Most bikes don't get 'ridden' so you can pick up a used one on the cheap. I sold my last bike with 30k on the clock and most buyers balked due to mileage.

    I only read down a couple posts, so if this has been covered my apologies.

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    I took the beginner and advanced MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) courses with these guys:

    Great courses, learned a lot. Fun too.

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    I'm wanting that CR....

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    I haven't had much street experience but, I can tell you this - Riding in the dirt makes you a better rider and you don't have the cars/traffic to worry about while learning.

    For a first bike I'd go with, getting laughed at on the street and get a, used dual sport. Spend some time in the woods/pits at first, then take it to the road. Plastics are much cheaper to replace than sheet-metal as you will put it down. Buying used takes the hit out of the purchase and you won't feel so bad when you scratch it up.

    I'm diggin that KTM supermotard someone posted earlier - if some bada$$ leather clad biker give you crap, you can tell him to take it to the track.

    If you've never ridden, take a lesson, talk to bikers, and practice in the dirt.

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    I think that there are only 6 total 250cc bikes in MA and they get bought and sold every few months to new riders who own them for 6mos to a year and then resell them to the next new rider. Buying one new will put you upside down in debt.... if you want a 250 to learn on there are most likely a few out there in the want ad for about a $1000. I never recommend a NEW bike to a new rider because the chances of dropping it or laying it down in a turn are probably 30%. There are a lot of great used older bikes out there that can be had for a value. The older 600cc bikes are not "fast" as the newer ones so look for a good clean used bike. Look for a seller that talks about maintenance and what he has replaced and stay away from the seller who talks about how easy it is to do a burnout and wheelie it.

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