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    Default ruger sr 1911 or para ordnance p14

    i was looking into getting my first 1911 style .45 im in between a ruger sr 1911 but they seem to be out of stock and i really like the stainless para p 14. for the extra money the para seems like a better choice anyone have one that you can give me your opinion on

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    That's a bizarre decision, although it's pretty much a no brainer. The Para is a piece of s**t compared to the Ruger.

    Not that Ruger is the only game in town for 1911s... but I would put Para way down on the list, with only a few makers lower than them. (eg, Taurus) Para's parts and QC are often terrible.


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    I have had a Para 14.45 (14 round clips) for years and never had a problem. Shoot my home made stuff along with what ever is on sale.

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    My Para P14 was the second handgun I ever bought. It is also the worst handgun I've ever bought.

    Lots of failures to feed, usually near the end of the magazine. After putting a couple thousand rounds through it, the hammer started following the slide down, so I had to have the hammer, sear, and disconnector replaced. Now the slide stop notch is wearing down and needs work.

    The Ruger SR1911 is a far better gun.

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    There are many who say that they have had Paras for years with no problems, but there are many who say Para is crap. I know that Four Seasons will no longer carry Para because of quality control and customer service issues. Para was, however, recently acquired by a firearms conglomerate that includes some top brands, so maybe things will change, as least with regard to consistency.

    Ruger has a much better track record than Para, and I don't see how you could go wrong with a Ruger SR1911. That would be my choice between the two.
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    Take the para out of the equation. As for the Ruger, good reports, but hard to find. Look into the Remington, Smith, and of course if you wanna do it right, go for a colt or Springfield.
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    My P14-40 that I no longer have was a great gun. It shot flawlessly and it was dead accurate. Shot it for 3-4 years before I sold it. Just throwing that info out there because its always Para bashing and for good reason but not everyone's experience is the same.

    I have heard nothing but good things about the Ruger 1911, I have a S&W1911PD and its fantastic.

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    take a gander at the Remington R1, also another decent gun for the money as said above. i would steer clear of para's till thier new lot comes thru, hopefully they can make a decent gun under new management. also rock island armory has decent pieces


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    get the Ruger, nice gun and good customer service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andypieces View Post
    Take the para out of the equation. As for the Ruger, good reports, but hard to find. Look into the Remington, Smith, and of course if you wanna do it right, go for a colt or Springfield.
    Hey Andy! I would LOVE to do it right! So, if you could just make the check out to my name...........

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