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    Default A Savage Kind of Day

    I was able to pick up a Savage M1907 to pair with my 1917. I passed on one last week-end at a gun show but it was in only fair condition. This one is much nicer with most of the bluing and a really nice original magazine so I am glad I waited. The serial number is in the 87,000 range so I think it is fairly early but am not sure. I had to sell off my duplicate M1917 to cover the cost of this one, but I am happy with the trade off as now I have one of each. Still looking for the 1915 and the 380. Thanks for looking.

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    Those are kinda cool looking...and not at all like the Savage Enfield that I was expecting to see when I clicked on it!
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    Nice pickup - and fun to shoot.

    Have you been to EddieCoyle's Savage website? Probably have, but I'll post anyway:

    Of the 6 primary variations (1907 in .32ACP and .380, 1915 in .32ACP and .380, and 1917 in .32ACP and .380) I have 4, and hope to pick up #5 soon. Neat sub-collection!

    Also - If you don't have THE book yet, get it:

    You can find these for very cheap if you look around. Fantastic reference book on Savage pistols.

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    I wasn't expecting to see a pistol, either, or a LE rifle, for that matter. I thought you were referring to cold temperatures (19degF @ 5:30am) and our range session planned for this morning. Savage, brutal, downright cold!

    See you in a couple hours. If you show me your Savage, I'll show you mine!

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    Thanks for the comments. I really like these pistols. Eddie Coyle's website is excellent, I have been referencing it over the past few months and I learn more about these pistols. I just put the book on my wishlist. I have the two most common variations, I will look out for the others although I just missed a trials pistol on GB.... LOL... yeah right. I think it went for over $14,000 so that one is not on my list. But maybe a 380, a 1915 hammerless or if I am really lucky the little 25.

    I also found out the pistol was made in 1913. It is almost 100 years old. Martin... I am looking forward to seeing the Savage you have and I remembered the field gauge. See you then...

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