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    Default Virginia Tuck in Maine

    I searched and couldn't find anything, so I hope this has not been asked before.

    MA resident here with family in Aroostook county. I do not have a out of state carry permit since I only travel there once or twice each year. Does anyone know if it is acceptable in Maine to carry openly using the "Virginia tuck" where my shirt would be tucked behind the holster and firearm? Or do they consider that concealed since the barrel or portion of the holster with the barrel is not exposed? I know it isn't technically concealed but I wasn't sure how the state of Maine felt about it.

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    Is it really that hard to spend a few bucks on a belt holster and avoid any issues at all?

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    No holster = fail IMO
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    No permit (when a permit is available to you) = fail IMO.

    How much will an attorney cost?

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