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    Quote Originally Posted by kiehtan View Post
    Thanks. I was familiar with 11-47-33. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something where 18-20 year olds are concerned. It seems the state made a point of preventing them from buying handguns, but not to own them. Goofy oversight but I don't want to provide false information. It's weird one could break a law by transfering handgun to an 18-20 year old, but the 18-20 year old that receives and possesses the handgun is not breaking a law.
    Yes, I think you have the correct understanding. But remember, IANAL, and my advice is worth what you paid for it.

    Also, RI does not allow anyone, regardless of age, to "possess" a handgun outside of your own property, with a few specific exceptions (range, gunsmith, etc) unless you have a CCW.

    ETA: I think it is OK to give or do a private sale to 18-20 yr old, but I have not studied that part of the firearms act, so I'm on shaky ground with that advice.
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