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    Default Nashua permit process


    I just moved up to Nashua and am about to apply for my pistol permit and was wondering if anybody had gone through the process recently. Just curious if they call or write references, so I can make sure the people I list aren't burdened beyond what I tell them to expect.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
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    I got mine when i lived in Nashua about 4 years ago and i just went to the PD and filled out the form. I dont recall if there was a thing about references. But i handed it in and got a call back in about a half hour telling me to come get my permit. Im not sure how they so it now but i didnt have any problems.

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    I got mine in January. It took 6 days.

    They did not call any of of the references.

    They called and I went and picked it up.



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    There is no spot on the form for phone numbers for references. when they asked my wife, she told them no, and they gave up. In NH, it doesn't matter where you apply, the process is controlled by the state. It is performed by the local PD, but controlled by the state.

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    Exactly as edhead35 states.
    As mentioned, Nashua likes applicants to pick up the license in person, but unlike some other towns, doesn't try to call references. Since they only have 14 days to make a decision, I've never heard of a town contacting references by postal mail -- my town called all my references, and was peeved when the only number the could find for an out-of-state reference was his fax line.

    The RSA gives towns very little leeway in the process:
    Quote Originally Posted by RSA 159-6
    The selectmen of a town or the mayor or chief of police of a city or some full-time police officer designated by them respectively, upon application of any resident of such town or city, or the director of state police, or some person designated by such director, upon application of a nonresident, shall issue a license to such applicant authorizing the applicant to carry a loaded pistol or revolver in this state for not less than 4 years from the date of issue, if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear injury to the applicant's person or property or has any proper purpose, and that the applicant is a suitable person to be licensed. Hunting, target shooting, or self-defense shall be considered a proper purpose. The license shall be valid for all allowable purposes regardless of the purpose for which it was originally issued. The license shall be in duplicate and shall bear the name, address, description, and signature of the licensee. The original shall be delivered to the licensee and the duplicate shall be preserved by the people issuing the same for 4 years. When required, license renewal shall take place within the month of the fourth anniversary of the license holder's date of birth following the date of issuance. The license shall be issued within 14 days after application, and, if such application is denied, the reason for such denial shall be stated in writing, the original of which such writing shall be delivered to the applicant, and a copy kept in the office of the person to whom the application was made. The fee for licenses issued to residents of the state shall be $10, which fee shall be for the use of the law enforcement department of the town or city granting said licenses; the fee for licenses granted to out-of-state residents shall be $100, which fee shall be for the use of the state. The director of state police is hereby authorized and directed to prepare forms for the licenses required under this chapter and forms for the application for such licenses and to supply the same to officials of the cities and towns authorized to issue the licenses. No other forms shall be used by officials of cities and towns. The cost of the forms shall be paid out of the fees received from nonresident licenses.
    No photograph or fingerprint shall be required or used as a basis to grant, deny, or renew a license to carry for a resident or nonresident, unless requested by the applicant.

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    Dover sends out a form for the references to fill out. Lee never contacted my references and neither did Barrington when I renewed. If they never hear back from the references and there is nothing to disqualify you (which there shouldn't be since if you can buy the gun you can get the permit in NH) then they have to issue the permit.

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    I've had mine in Nashua for about nine years. The first time, it took them a month and they claimed it was because they were waiting for Vermont to get back to them. Not long after that I think the AG sent a nastygram to a bunch of PDs about taking more than two weeks and "enhancing" the forms. My two renewals were issued within four days of handing in the paperwork, and they called me to pick up the most recent renewal about a month ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soloman02;2310155

    [If]there is nothing to disqualify you (which there shouldn't be since if you can buy the gun you can get the permit in NH) then they have to issue the permit.

    My permit was denied for an arrest 25 years ago. Now this was not a conviction, and the charges were dropped a month after the arrest. I did not get my record
    expunged in the intervening years, but I still should not have been denied. I also didn't push the up button and appeal the denial at the time.


    PS I will reapply soon, but the question if you have been denied before will have to be answered "YES" this time.

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    Yeah, that "have been denied before" checkbox is what keeps me from applying for a non-resident Rhode Island permit. I even talked to Scrivner, there's just no way to avoid the automatic denial on first application in RI.

    For anybody thinking of applying in New Hampshire, if you have anything on your record that you think might be a problem, it could be a good idea to just call your local Chief and make an appointment. You can explain the situation man-to-man, and worst case, if he still feels your history makes you not a "suitable person" you, you could choose to simply not apply, or at least start planning your appeal early :)
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    Thanks for all the responses. Was just looking for some inside gouge regarding Nashua - I didn't want to ask my references for a small favor and have them end up with a 10-page questionnaire or something like that.

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