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    Quote Originally Posted by ICO94 View Post
    I think its called a ferret, its a British made, light armored vehicle. its armed with tear gas launchers and a machine gun (usually 1919 or Mac 58) that is enclosed by an armored turret. They were produced between 1952-1971 and are still used today by both the military and police departments around the world and here in the US. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page
    Doubtful that the MA National Guard/Army Reserves would be using them

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    Ahhh..... I loved the ASV. I was in an ARMY reserve unit and my "guntruck" platoon was attached to an Airborne/Air Assault Field Artillery unit running CLP's (combat logistical patrols). My reserve unit brought them to the FA unit

    It is an M1117 ASV (Armored Security Vehicle) "The Guardian" and it is made by Cadillac Gauge and Textron. It uses a few different types of weapons systems but mine had a co-axial weapons system utilizing a Mk19 and 50 cal (have seen dual 50 cals). The funny looking canisters on the rear of the turret are for smoke grenades that pop out in a half circle in front of the turret. It has a very good night vision system and the turret is controlled electronically with a hand crank for fine tuning. Also seats 4 crew. We rolled with 3, a little snug but it worked..and so did the 30,000 BTU air conditioner!.... I absolutely loved it and it did it's job very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTwigg View Post
    Not trying to argue but when was tear gas banned ? I served back in the '70's so I'm not up on what's being used currently. I had to go through the gas house in Waukegan during boot and got a snootfull of CS. When my battallion (MCB-40) went for tactical traning we got hit with CS by OpForce.
    Everyone still goes though the gas chamber. But tear gas is banned by the geneiva convention, same as hollow point ammo. Can use that in war either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockrivr1 View Post
    If there's "civil unrest" on a large scale there's no doubt in my mind we'd be facing vehicles like this in the streets and neighborhoods.
    There is a picture of one of those, black, going down a street during Katrina.

    I rode around in a turret in one of those for a few months, and hated it. The only thing I liked was the AC.
    There are a lot of draw backs to them and I was glad to go back in the turret of an up armored HMMWV.
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    Doctrine has changed, and Hummers, Bradleys and Abrams were not the best vehicle to fight with in our recent war and our current war. Something like a M1117 is ideal for movement over urban terrain, convoy protection and base protection. It's important to realize that the Army always prepares to fight the last war and bases its doctrine around it. For example, the US military will no longer be prepared to fight two major contingencies simultaneously in two different parts of the world. The heavy division as we know it, is dead. Brigade Combat Teams tailored for specific missions are and will be the norm.

    It only stands to reason that both the Guard and Reserves are being equipped to reflect this change in doctrine which foresees non-linear battle against unconventional forces. Special Operations is also being beefed up.

    Now if we ever have to fight a Chinese Expeditionary Force in the Middle East over dwindling oil reserves, or fight somewhere else in the world with a conventional force (I think even today military planners don't see a major land war on the Korean Peninsula, and if that happens, the ROK Army is not the army it was even twenty years ago, it can bear the brunt of the battle) over water, our force structure won't be able to handle it, but we as sure as hell can protect convoys and fight in cities like Baghdad. The US had a role for horse cavalry until 1943, too.
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    MPs used them for convoy security but they are flat on the bottom. They were death traps for ieds. Replaced with MRAPS. im sure they will be used for base security and LEO uses to make up loss of gov contract.

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    there are quite a few of these in reading at camp curtis guild.

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