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    Default Best way to secure a remote cabin ?


    I am thinking of building a remote cabin on about 100 acres near the white mountains in new hampshire. But i am curious as to how you handle the security of the thing when your not there. I cant imagine you could store anything in it...

    (although i have to admit i grew up in Los Angeles where everything that wasn't bolted, cabled or chained down was stolen... )

    Thoughts anyone ?

    Thanks !

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    you can't, all you can do is make sure there is nothing there of value to steal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockaholic View Post
    you can't, all you can do is make sure there is nothing there of value to steal.
    That sounds about right. Is it really necessary to lock the doors? The theif will just damge them when he breaks in.

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    Thats pretty much what i thought...


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    I have a friend who built a log cabin up in Maine, it got to the point he wouldn't lock the place because it just meant more damage to fix.

    Outside of building something out of block with steel doors as part of the structure to put items into to reduce the chance of theft, when you are in the middle of nowhere, it gives the locals who know that the property is vacant lots of time to get in there and pillage anything that can be sold for drug money.
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    I was kinda thinking about a storage bunker of some sort... mostly if not all under ground with a very strong door on the front of it... just a thought though...

    So i guess you can't have a good stove in there... because that could get sold for scrap... even though fireplaces suck for efficiency, it would be better to have something that wont get stolen...

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    remote operated machine guns

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    Install a 5 foot wire fence all around your cabin and campsite area. If you have a dog, it keeps them from getting into trouble and lets people passing by know to stay clear. If you have nosy code enforcement people they should not be entering a fenced/gated area without you present.

    Build heavy wooden or steel covers for all windows and doors. Put the latches for the windows inside so you need to be inside the cabin to remove them. Use a pair of heavy duty padlocks and steel bar to secure the doors.

    A steel job box bolted to concrete footings from the inside is pretty tough to open without tools and making lots of noise. Still would not put anything valuable in one.

    I picked up some $30 trail cams from ebay that I put in various locations. I get pics of the local wildlife and hopefully any scumbags that try to break in. You might also put a hidden trail cam inside the cabin to get a good pic.

    Don't leave anything that the bears would want to eat around....a hungry black bear will break into a screened porch to get whatever is there. In other places where grizzly bears are present they place spiked boards on and under windows to keep the bears from trashing the cabin. Black bears are probably not that aggressive.

    An idea i heard on another board that I have not tried but seems interesting: Get an old tv antenna and cut it down to look like a yagi. Build a fake camera box with the antenna pointing towards the closest village, add a solar panel and make it look like a remote system that sends pictures to a base station (like river level monitoring stations). Put it 16-20 feet on a tree that can't easily be climbed. It should be in a place that the potential scumbag will see it but can't easily get to it. The theory being that the scumbag does not know how often the thing sends pictures and will just leave. Perhaps a nearby trail cam would get you some pics of him throwing rocks at it....who knows

    No matter what you do, its a cabin in the middle of the woods and the scumbag has unlimited time and very little chance of being caught.

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    There is simply no way to protect a remote camp so matter how many fences, steel covers or security doors you bolt on. Piss off the locals enough and they will just burn it down.

    We have had a waterfront cottage on Lake Ontario for thirty years that has never been an issue. Boats, fishing gear, electronics for the charter boat, Waverunners, etc. sit there year after year without getting touched. I pay for a lawn service and I have GOOD year round NEIGHBORS. That makes a huge difference.

    We own a huge swamp in Upstate NY. The camp was one mile in from the nearest road behind a locked gate. The damn thing got broken into so many times we finally gave up. We now tow a trailer in when we want to use the place for hunting or fishing. The locals use it as their own and stole everything that wasn't nailed down as soon as we pulled out every trip. Now there is nothing left for them to take and I sleep a lot better.

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