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    Default Two questions: friend looking for LTC class near worcester in near future. and...

    Two questions: friend looking for LTC class near Worcester in near future. I have covered a lot of my own personal safety lessons on proper firearms handling procedures with her and am taking her to the range but she just graduated with her masters in CJ along with Psych and forensic science certificates and would like to get licensed in order to become proficient in shooting and carrying now while she is waiting to hear back from several agencies. She has a lot of student loan debt and would like to take a cert class near worcester to qualify for her aplication for her LTC any recomendations.

    Secondly I am interested to know if someone could pm me that knows exactly what steps I would need to become a certified instructor who can teach a class for those who want to recieve their certificate good towards a ma ltc/fid.

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    I'm running a Home Firearms Safety class in two weeks in Grafton:

    To become an instructor yourself, you need to attend the NRA training. Jon Green at GOAL offers an excellent class. Look here for scheduling:
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    call goal

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    Tombstone trading, I think the owners name is Dave, has a class pretty regularly at Hamilton R&G in Sturbridge

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