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    Default Reflex vs. Holographic sight

    In all my years of shooting, I've only used a red dot twice. Once when I was taking the class for my FID when I was a kid, and once a couple months ago when I shot a micro sight on one of PSS's revolvers. Up until then, I hated them. Well my thoughts have changed, and Id like to pick one up. My question isn't what one to get, but what is the difference between Reflex and Holographic? They both look the same, and from what I can tell from reading different things, they are basically the same, only one has a hologram and the other a reflected image on a partly silvered mirror. The terms seem to be used interchangeably at times. The only major difference, and it was only an 2nd hand comment, was that holo sights look like they are "suspended" in front of the rifle down range, and the reflex sights do not. There was no supporting evidence for that assertion other than "Someone told me".

    Please school me on the differences & advantages of one vs the other, if there are any.


    FWIW this is one of the articles I read that made the most sense.

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    My understanding is that reflex sights aren't as nice as holographic. You can run into some problems, particularly when the reflection is moved closer to the sides of the sight box. Eotech sights are holographic sights that are made up of hundreds of very tiny dots that will follow your target accurately as you move. One of the primary ways of telling whether an eotech is a fake is that it is a reflective picture which appears sharp.

    For one of our 1911s and the MKIII its set up with a doctorsight and I can't say enough good things about it. I was just reviewing them and I believe those are reflective sights.
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    There is no difference when you are shooting them, other than the design and size of the dot and quality of manufacturing

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    i don't know if you already picked one up, probably you did.
    but anyways, i was doing my research and came over this article (link below) that, i think, does a pretty good job explaining pros and cons of each of the sight types.

    maybe it's no longer of use to you but to someone else who will come across this as i did.

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