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    Default SC - Man Shoots & Kills Intruder (17 Year-Old Girl)

    A Clover man shot and killed a teenager he said was trying to break into his home Thursday morning, according to the York County Sheriff's Office.

    The man, who authorities would not identify, said he shot at several people who tried to break into his home at 2985 West S.C. 55. Deputies responded around 8 a.m. and began searching the area for at least two other suspects but did not find them.

    The dead girl was identified as Christina Sayers, 17, of Lake Wylie. She died at the scene from a gunshot wound, York County Coroner Sabrina Gast said.

    Sayers did not have a criminal record, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

    No charges had been filed as of Thursday evening, York County Sheriff's Lt. Mike Baker said.....

    A homeowner shot and killed a teenage girl during a home invasion in Clover Thursday morning. The shooter’s cousins say it was self-defense.

    "They busted in the door, they got what they deserved,” said a cousin who didn’t give his name.

    The back door of the house on Highway 55 in Clover was damaged from where the cousins say two people forced their way inside.

    The homeowner fired at them and killed 17-year-old Christina Sayers, from Lake Wylie.

    The homeowner didn’t want to talk, but people who identified themselves as his cousins had plenty to say.....

    John Berryhill said when he heard about the shooting, he rushed to home of his cousin, 19-year-old Cody Millwood, on West Highway 55 and found Millwood in tears.

    "I was like, 'Man, is it true?'" Berryhill said. "And he was like, 'I just shot two people,' and he was like, 'I don't know exactly who I shot,' but he had blood all over him."

    Police would only confirm to Channel 9 that one person was shot and that they were searching for at least two other suspects.

    Berryhill said Millwood had been receiving threats from a group of people, though he did not know why.

    "They told him they were going to come kick in his door and kill him and his mom," Berryhill said.....
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    Being that the girl had no priors, I'll also chalk this up to some sort of epic parenting failure as well.


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    Home invaders come in all sizes, ages, genders, and numbers. All get treated the same.

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    Talk about a WTF? moment for Christina...Enjoy the afterlife...

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    Poor Christina, she didn't even get a chance to get pregnant and mooch off the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattEvan View Post
    Poor Christina, she didn't even get a chance to get pregnant and mooch off the system.
    At 17, she has pobably been married for 5 years, and already has 3 adorable crib midgets, it is SO-CO after all, ( singing the tune of: I'm my own grandpa)

    Monadnock R & G

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    You try to prepare yourself for these things but man... 17 year old girl... sad Maybe because I have a little girl.

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    my dad always said something, undoubtedly coming from his years in Vietnam - "an unskilled, untrained kid is just as capable of killing you dead as a battle hardened Marine."

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    Two men have been arrested in connection with a home invasion in Clover and investigators aren’t ruling out anything, including the possibility of the crime being gang-related.

    Police said it is unlikely that the homeowner - Rusty Millwood - would be charged with Christina Sayers death since he was defending himself.

    20-year-old Justin Lamarr and 17-year-old Jeffrey Gillespie have both been charged with first degree burglary. Gillespie's arrest warrant said he was armed with a handgun intending to commit a crime.

    What they got instead was gunfire from Millwood.....

    Millwood was armed with a handgun and fired multiple shots, killing Sayers and wounding Lamarr. Sayers’ body was found on the back porch of the home.

    Lamarr was shot in the face, struggled with Millwood and then fled the scene, according to a release by the York County Sheriff’s Office.

    Lt. Mike Baker with the York County Sheriff’s Office said no charges have been filed against Millwood for shooting Sayers to death and wounding Lamarr.

    “At this point in the investigation, we don’t anticipate charges being filed,” Baker said.....

    Deputies told WBTV that Lamarr was arrested in Gaston County on Thursday evening after he was found at Gaston Memorial Hospital with an apparent gunshot wound to the face. He is awaiting extradition back to South Carolina.

    Gillespie was arrested on Friday by the York County Sheriff's Office.

    A cousin told WBTV that Millwood has encountered problems in the last few months with a gang called Folk Nation. That cousin told WBTV one of the gang members told Millwood that they were going to kick down the door of his home and beat up the teen and his mom. It's unclear what connection Sayers, Lamarr and Gillespie had, if any, to Folk Nation.....

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    Lunch is on me Mr. Millwood.

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