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    Default NH Bullseye pistol league

    Email from a friend.


    Last night (Oct 13) I went to the Wilson Hill Pistol Club in Manchester to participate in the Fall organizational meeting of the New Hampshire (Postal) Pistol League. The league has participation has dropped from approximately 120 members on nine teams in 2008-2009 to about 52 members on six teams in 2009-2010. With the goal of increasing membership and making for a more enjoyable shooting activity, the six club representatives voted to allow shooters to use either one hand or two hands for shooting. This will be implemented by forming teams of 4-9 shooters who all shoot one handed (military style) shooters or teams of shooters who all shoot with a two handed pistol gripping stance. The teams will compete with like-teams in a parallel format. Basically, we formed a one-handed shooters league and a two-handed shooters league. There will be parallel scoring of matches and parallel sets of awards at the end of the season.

    In the 2009-2010 season, our club had one team with nine shooters. The goal for the 2010-2011 season is to have more teams with 5-6 shooters per team. Each shooter will need a .22 caliber long rifle pistol (revolver or semi-auto) with iron sights or optical sights that do NOT magnify the target (Red dot or 1x telescopes). Each shooter will fire 10 shots of slow fire, 10 shots of timed fire, and 10 shots of rapid fire. This set of 30 shots will be called one match. During the course of the season, the shooter will shoot 40 matches.

    We will have a team organizational meeting on Saturday, Oct 23 at 2:30 PM in the club house. This competition is open to all club members (male or female). Junior shoots (under the age of 18) are welcome to compete as team members.

    Briefly, the fees are:

    One-time League Fee of $20.00 per shooter, junior shooters are exempt.

    Match fee of $1.00 per shooter, juniors $0.50 per shooter.

    Daily Club Indoor Range Fee of $3.00 per shooter, $2.50 discount tickets are available at $25.00 for 10 tickets. (These are the same tickets that can be used for clay target shooting. The tickets may be used interchangeably)

    Target fee to pay for the paper target used. Each shooter will consume approximately 150 targets at an estimated cost of $10.00 per 100 targets. Thus the one-time target fee will be approximately $15.00 A bulk purchase will be made when we have a better idea of the number of shooters.

    The cost of your ammunition. The costs very greatly. Bring some ammo to the practice sessions and decide which brand you would like to shoot. In any case, the cost of your ammo is your cost.

    The league will formally begin the week of November 14 with the first set of scores due on November 21. We will conduct practice sessions, as needed, until the start of the league.

    Please make every effort to join us at the October 23rd meeting. If you have questions or issues, please drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. I'm looking forward to seeing many smiling faces at the meeting!!!

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    I signed up at the monthly meeting two weeks ago. Now I'm just waiting for Buck Mark to arrive...


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