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    Default AR15 Lower legal in Massachusetts

    I am new to this, and am building my own AR. I ordered a CMMG upper and had it shipped to a place that would remove and re parkerize the bayonet lug making it legal before it was shipped to MA. Will purchasing a stripped lower on gunbroker be legal to bring to Massachusetts. The one I planned to purchase was a Doublestar lower that does not say AR-15 on it. I am being told that it cannot be transfered to an FFL and brought into the state.

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    Looking on gunbroker I see they are going for 179.95. You can get a lower from Remsport in Ludlow MA for $98 and they also sell parts kits which would put you at the same price if not cheaper. Buying from them has the added benefit of supporting a local MA gun business. Remsport has them listed in the classified section here on the site. I bought 2 a few months back and have had no problems. If you are unable to travel that far west, Four Seasons usually has Stag lowers for a bit more money. I bought a couple lowers from FS last year. Both shops were very friendly and helpful.

    Ya, I have what you would call an "AR problem"...

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    Thanks, I appreciate the fast response. The Doublestar lower I have already "technically" bought for $85.00 free shipping. The seller is very understanding and I can still back out of it, but I do not see how it would be illegal to have in MA after going through all of the laws. If i had known about this website and Remsport before hand I definitely would have gone that route.
    Thanks again

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    Your circumstances are confusing. When you say "transferred to an FFL and brought into the state" do you mean transfer to an out-of-state FFL and then you traveling there and then bringing it back here? If that's the case, the vendor is correct - you need to have the lower sent to an in-state FFL for transfer to you. A frame or receiver is considered by the BATFE to be "Other Firearms" and not transferable to a non-FFL out of state. This isn't a Massachusetts thing, it's a federal thing.

    If you are a MA resident, you should be able to purchase a stripped lower from out of state and have it sent to your MA FFL for transfer to you. By the time you add in shipping and transfer fees, you're probably over the cost of buying one locally. The election was a long time ago and there are currently plenty of reasonably priced lowers to be found at your favorite cshooter said above, why not reach out to John at Remsport and see what he can set up for you?

    (edit: replied at the same time. If you have a local FFL, you should be able to send a copy of his license to the seller and have the lower sent there. Your local FFL will then transfer to you. Talk to your dealer first to make sure it's cool with him.)
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    Thanks on the road,
    Your answer completely answers my question. I had no idea that was the case, but it makes sense. I appreciate the response and plan to give Remsport a call. Thanks for the responses.

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    This has come up in slightly different form several times. There are two primary sources of the bogus information you mention in your original post.
    1. Dealer misunderstanding of the laws. Dealers can lose their businesses and find themselves in deep Kimchi if the inadvertently transfer a firearm to a resident of another state in violation of that state's laws (see #2 below). If we were talking about a state with a large potential market (e.g., California), dealers might spend the time and money to determine exactly what that state's laws allow them to sell. Unfortunately for us, the Massachusetts market is just too small to be worth it.
    2. Differences between federal and Mass laws. Under federal law, that lower is a firearm. As such it might have violated the old federal AWB if it were one of those makes specifically banned by name, however it couldn't possibly have violated the evil features provision, since it has none. Massachusetts law, however is different. Here the lower isn't legally a firearm (since it can't be used to fire a round by itself), so it couldn't possibly violate any state gun law. Even if it were considered to be a firearm, it could only violate the Mass AWB if it were one of those prohibited by name under both the Mass and the old federal ban (but see #1 above).

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    i bought a bushmaster AR in Ma. it's a M4 style rifle, however it's got the fixed collapsible stock. can i replace the fixed collapsible stock with a fixed 7.25" A2 style stock? does Massachusetts have a law in which how long the stock must be?

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    You posted this in another thread.
    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and thus any interpretation or statements about the law that I might make should be taken with a grain of salt and mixed with your own legal research as well as advice from actual legal counsel. I cannot be held responsible if you find yourself somebody's "friend" in federal, state, or local prison should you act on my opinions on the law. My interpretations of the law will generally be on the conservative side.

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