• Five Great Home Defense Shotguns for Your Christmas Wish List

    By AWR Hawkins

    Home defense is important regardless of whether you dwell in the city or the country, as home invaders have shown their willingness to strike urban and rural settings alike. And when it is your door they kick against, a great measure of confidence can be derived from a trusty shotgun.

    With these things in mind–and with Christmas fast approaching–Breitbart News thought it apropos to compile a list of five home defense shotguns, any one of which would make a great addition to your Christmas wish list.

    Read full story here: http://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendme...mas-wish-list/
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    1. Machete's Avatar
      Machete -
      Just throwing it out there, but any article that has a list of "best shotguns" and includes the Taurus Judge on there...well, I'll take their opinions with a grain of salt, slice of lime and shot of tequila.

      Thanks for posting this read!
    1. Horrible's Avatar
      Horrible -
      Can't go wrong with a Remmy 870 or Mossy 500!!
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