• Happy Thanksgiving!

    Northeastshooters.com would like to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to our service members that are away from home serving our country.
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    1. ldi's Avatar
      ldi -
      TY and happy Thanksgiving to all NES'rs and their families, service members, Trumpers and Administrators.
    1. TOY539's Avatar
      TOY539 -
      Happy Thanksgiving and God bless us all.
    1. MachineHead's Avatar
      MachineHead -
      Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
    1. 413dan's Avatar
      413dan -
      happy thanksgiving NES!
    1. Reptile's Avatar
      Reptile -
      Happy Thanksgiving!!!

      It's ok to be a Turkey today!!!
    1. gscott's Avatar
      gscott -
      Happy Thanksgiving.
    1. FPrice's Avatar
      FPrice -
      I'd like to wish ALL of my NES brothers and sisters a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
    1. noddaduma's Avatar
      noddaduma -
      Happy Thanksgiving everybody

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    1. Palladin's Avatar
      Palladin -
      Happy Thanksgiving to all
    1. mothybee's Avatar
      mothybee -
      Don't know about being a good day to be a turkey ( I know one that would disagree with that ) but, it's a good day to be a deplorable!
    1. KenM's Avatar
      KenM -
      Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving and eat more than your suppose to
    1. Dadstoys's Avatar
      Dadstoys -
      Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    1. nastynatural's Avatar
      nastynatural -
      Happy Thanksgiving
    1. Sparky480's Avatar
      Sparky480 -
      Hope you all have a Great Thanksgiving Day!
    1. Yazz's Avatar
      Yazz -
      Happy Thanksgiving!
      I am very thankful all you fellow knuckleheads are around here!
    1. tomp's Avatar
      tomp -
      a day for us all to be thankful for our health, wealth, family and happiness that we all are so blessed to have in our way what ever that may be. happy thanksgiving to all.
    1. barnabus's Avatar
      barnabus -
      Happy Thanksgiving.
    1. 2-old-4-this's Avatar
      2-old-4-this -
      Happy Thanksgiving all!
      God bless
    1. Len-2A Training's Avatar
      Len-2A Training -
      Happy Thanksgiving!
    1. minininjer's Avatar
      minininjer -
      Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
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